UK Lingerie – Look Good, Feel Good, Everyday

UK Lingerie - Look Good, Feel Good, Everyday

UK Lingerie is the latest addiction to the Web Shop Direct group. After the success of UK Tights and UK Swimwear, the next evident movement was launching a store dedicated in exclusive to lingerie and nightwear. The aim of founder Dawn Barber was clear: good fitting lingerie makes you feel good: sexier and self-confident. UK Lingerie wants you to look good and feel even better and we believe we have the perfect lingerie collections to make it possible.

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E-Lady Lingerie – Unleash The Temptress In You

E-Lady Lingerie - Unleash The Temptress In You

From lace to leather E-Lady Lingerie empowers women to unleash their inner sex goddess. Featuring a generous selection of lingerie, E-Lady strives to offer sweet and sexy bedroom wear that will appeal to everyone. We offer naughty and sensual undergarments for every special occasion – or no special occasion at all! With a wide variety of designers and styles, you’re sure to find lingerie that accentuates your best features.

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Xenses – Experience a Special Luxury

Xenses is the high end shopping destination for unique and exclusive designer brands and offers limited edition lingerie, couture leather bondage accessories and one of a kind pleasures for the bedroom. Most of the assortment is hand crafted by expert craftsmen and all carefully handpicked by founder Isabella. If your passion lies in wearing unique statement pieces inside and outside the boudoir that will make you feel truly special and beautiful? Xenses is your luxury shopping destination.

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