Jane Woolrich – Creating The Ultimate Expression Of Exclusive Lingerie

“It’s not what you see, it’s what you almost see, which fuels the imagination”

We are proud to say Jane has developed a reputation for producing beautifully romantic nightwear, lingerie and corsets for 30 years, exclusively made in the heart of the English countryside. Designing has always been Janes passion and she is totally devoted to her vision of making women feel special. A number of our team have been working for Jane throughout this time. “I feel like we are a family” says Jane

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Shades Of PLAY

Hey Plus Size Beauties,

Are you tired of finding the perfect lingerie or sexy outfit, to find it only runs in small sizes? Or even worst to be shoved off to a single category, with limited choices. Here at JaneiationsPlayhouseFashion, we got you covered. We cater to women of all sizes. Most of our collections run from small to a 3X and others up to a 6X. Rather you’re looking for a fun, free and frisky Friday or a soft, sensual and sexy Saturday, we have everything you need to make any evening complete. From lingerie to costumes, we are your one-stop shop for you to be yourself or someone else.

JaneiationsPlayhouseFashion, Where the grown-ups play. Come join in on the fun.

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Vanny Bee – The Place to Purchase Sexy Black Lingerie

“Vanny Bee” Lingerie was born from our love for all things: Stylish, Elegant, Classical, Risqué, Erotic, Timeless. There is no SECRET that these are the words usually used to describe some of the most desirable items that can be found on Vanny Bee, and at Vanny Bee, we believe that the SECRET is BLACK. This is why you will find that on our website all of our products are BLACK, some with a small hint of colour.

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