How Sexy Lingerie & Boudoir Photography Has Changed The Life Of So Many Women

For years, only young, thin women were believed to be beautiful enough to be photographed in lingerie. But in recent years things have changed dramatically thanks to the strong body image movements and the strong advocacy from celebrities like Emma Thompson, Ashley Graham and Rebel Wilson to name a few.

It used to be quite a challenge to find sexy lingerie for plus size women, let alone find a photographer that would specialize in photographing women of all shapes and sizes. Boudoir photography has had a strong resurgence thanks to the intense campaigns of companies like Dove and Lane Bryant, that have given women the courage to choose to feel sexy and beautiful just as they are.

And with this decision of women to embraced their bodies and unique beauty, came the desire to go shopping for sexy lingerie, learn to do sensual dances and of course, wanting to have beautiful images of themselves looking beautiful and sexy in lingerie and even nude.

When I first started to do boudoir photography I was photographing only young beautiful brides. But little by little, I started to get women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s who had in common one thing, they wanted to feel beautiful.

After working with so many women and doing my own boudoir session, I have learned so much about women. We all have the same fears, needs and wants. We are constantly worrying about how we look and believe that unless we are a certain size and have certain figure, we are not beautiful. This belief comes from years of preconditioning. We have been bombarded with expectations, rules and norms by family members, society and the media, and that made us grow up to always doubt ourselves, believing that our looks define our worthiness and our right to be loved and accepted.


The damage is done at a very early age and it is up to women to undo the damage. And women everywhere have stood up to these norms and fought back to redefine beauty and sexiness in many ways!

One way was to throw away the granny panties, go shopping for sexy lingerie and capture their unique beauty in photographs.

What a difference it makes in a woman’s life when she feels beautiful! For instance, when Patty came to my studio, she was feeling worthless due to an indiscretion from her husband of 25 years. After her boudoir session, she realized that her looks had nothing to do with the reason why he cheated. She saw herself as a beautiful 50-year-old woman who had given up her career to form a family and support her husband. Now it was her turn to focus on herself, the best of life and her marriage was ahead of her.

When Susan decided to do a boudoir session with me, she told me that she wanted to see what her fiancé saw in her. After a bitter and abusive divorce, she had found a man who appreciated her and told her everyday how beautiful she was. Not being used to being desired in that way by a man, she wanted to increase her level of confidence by embracing her body and surprise her fiancé with a very sexy gift.

The stories go on and on as I meet so many wonderful women at my studio. They all have the same desire, to feel beautiful in their own skin. Bottom line, wearing sexy lingerie and being photographed in it, has a powerful empowering effect that every woman should experience in her life.


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