New Product Spotlight – The Perfect Sculpt

The Perfect Sculpt is an up and coming brand specializing and swim and shapewear and their products are GREAT! Everything from body/butt lifts to super sexy pull up bikinis.

Like many of my readers I saw all of the videos on my Instagram of women using these magical strapless push up bras. And like many of my readers I was skeptical that they actually worked. After finally giving in I ordered my Perfect Sculpt Bra…
I wasn’t expecting much but I cant lie…I LOVE it! The sticky adhesive that makes the bra stick to your chest is actually really comfortable and works great. And once you tighten the strings on the bra it makes your cleavage pop just how you want it.
I couldn’t wait to wear this out so last weekend I put on my favorite backless dress and went out to the club. I absolutely LOVED my look and couldn’t stop telling all my friends about the The Perfect Sculpt Bra! I felt so sexy and confident! My cleavage was popping and I wasn’t worried about any straps or strings showing. I recommend to anyone looking to add more cleavage to their already sexy looks!
The Perfect Sculpt has more then just bras too! Their summer bikinis are actually really sexy looking and perfect for anyone trying to turn heads at the beach.
I will be ordering more products from The Perfect Sculpt to show and review for you guys so stay tuned! And in the meantime shop The Perfect Sculpt yourself!

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