VienneMilano launches Community Photographer Program

VienneMilano, the first and only luxury hosiery brand and online boutique that is dedicated exclusively to high quality thigh high hosiery, is thrilled to announce the launch of the VienneMilano Community Photographer Program! VienneMilano is currently looking to provide talented photographers with a platform in which to help VienneMilano’s mission to promote the confidence and style of the women who wear VienneMilano’s fabulous hosiery. All of VienneMilano’s products are made in Italy.

Members of the VienneMilano Community Photographers will be sent free VienneMilano products to take photos of, along with a 30% off coupon in a new member welcome kit. In exchange, the photographers’ work may be featured on VienneMilano’s media platforms, and could even lead to a contract for future projects. For more information, read VienneMilano’s blog post and apply today.

Enclosed is an image that can be used. And don’t worry, this time we have several versions of the information so that we won’t get into the canonical text issue. Would you mind sharing the news in your publication?

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