Stunningly sexy lingerie collection by Roza

Roza was established in May 1995; with 22 years of experience the brand has produced its designs to perfection. Roza Lingerie itself is a reflection of its customers: subtle, seductive, sexy and confident. Roza’s goal was always to make lingerie which would wonderfully emphasis the beauty of every woman. This affect is achieved thanks to the bold designs, working with high class materials, and taking care to every detail.

The selection of materials and accessories is not accidental, every detail is well thought out. Roza’s designs are handled by dozens of hands; and each must be checked and accepted by their specialists. They start as a dream, and then form into imagination, and when the manufacturers work their magic they become reality.

Roza’s collection includes push-up and soft cup bras, thongs, classic briefs, shorts, suspender belts, suspender briefs, stockings and chemises. It is internationally acclaimed as an excellent European product all over the world, Apart from Poland, the brand found its place in the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, Scandinavian countries and such exotic places as the Dominican Republic, Morocco, South Korea and the Netherlands.

Roza Lingerie is invariably associated with pleasure sweetness – like a box of beautifully packed chocolates, whose wonderful taste will give you untold pleasure. Therefore, the packaging is carefully designed. It reflects Roza’s love of beauty – stands out from the competition and makes Roza Lingerie the perfect gift for every lady.

Do not be afraid to seduce, seduce with Roza Lingerie

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